HealthShare & Supplemental Solutions


HealthShare & Supplemental Solutions


Health insurance in today’s market is consistently changing and making it difficult for many folks to feel confident signing up for one policy over another. Also, it can be confusing to figure out if on or off the exchange is the best way to go, or getting an ACA Exempt Healthshare Plan, depending on whether or not you receive a significant subsidy based on income. JAG has spent more than twenty years building relationships with insurance carriers as well as ACA Exempt Healthshare Providers having helped thousands of families. These providers give us up to date information on industry changes, product changes and upcoming price increases, allowing us to provide you the ability to make a more informed decision about your health benefits needs.


JAG Insurance Agency and their Agent and Agency Partners have access to a wide range of supplemental plans that offer you access to some of the largest networks in the country. Contact us for more specific details on your specific needs.


ACA Exempt Healthshare Plans are sweeping the country. With the high price of traditional Health Insurance continuing to rise, Healthshare Plans, that have been around up to 50 years or longer, are a great alternative to traditional health insurance. You may be able to save between 20% to 60% off your current Health Insurance premiums by making the switch. Many Healthshare Plans use the largest PPO Networks in the country giving you access to more doctors and hospitals and are exempt from the tax penalty many states have reinstated.

Healthshare Plans ARE NOT Health Insurance and is not for everyone. Want more information on the number one Healthshare Plans offered by JAG?

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