Final Expense Life Insurance


Final Expense

Final Expense Life Insurance can provide an affordable solution to those final expense needs such as Burial Expenses, Medical Expenses, Credit Cards payoffs or even to pay for a relative to attend final services. You are able to use the funds for whatever you need and helps create a fast way to have the resources available when needed the most. There are no medical exams and just about anyone, regardless of medical condition may be able to qualify. With plans starting at less than $1 a day¹, there is no reason not to find out how a Final Expense Plan can benefit you and your family.  Click here to schedule an appointment with John W. Reed, CASL® to get more information or a free quote.

¹Prices vary based on age, medical condition and amounts chosen. Not everyone will qualify for the best rates or a non-graded plan. Those currently in a hospital, hospice or living in an assisted living facility may not qualify. Contact an agent for specific details, exclusions and limitations.

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