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Cyrus N.

“My name is Cyrus and I’ve had the honor and pleasure of knowing Mr. John Reed and his wonderful wife, Gloria Reed for almost three years. We met each other at a networking event and almost immediately got to like his character. What impressed me about John was his love and passion for his family and how easy and comfortable it was to talk to him. He is a world of knowledge and great experiences which he uses in his personal and professional life. It is impossible not to like him and so we headed it off to a fantastic start and before I knew it we were working side by side. I have and continue to learn from his abundant knowledge and experiences. His is very honest and dignified and always thinks of others before himself and that was another main attraction to me. I also admire him as a leader, not a broker or manager but a leader! He leads by example and that’s like gold. I feel blessed knowing him and Gloria and will continue to cherish and appreciate them both. I also admire the fact that he was a United States Marine, and you know the saying, once a marine, always a marine.”